lauren!!!! (southernmiss) wrote in the_rad_club,

hey look! someone posts!

WELL this has absolutely nothing to do with the rad club, but you would be totally rad if you filled it out... ;)

okay so in my pre-ap english class we are studying pride and prejudice.

to go along with this study, my teacher thought it would be nice if we each did a survey about prejudice and discrimination. we have to get a minimum of 10 responses of varied nature, so i decided id reach out here.

of course you dont have to fill this out, but id be really appreciative if you did.

thank you if you do this! muchos gracias! haha

01. basic info:
location- (city or region or whatever youd like to share)
occupation- (just in general, like, doctor or whatnot)
attitude- (racist, open-minded, etc)
race/ ethnic origin-
anything else youd like to add-

1. what is your definition of prejudice/ discrimination?

2. what causes prejudice/ discrimination?

3. what are some forms of prejudice/ discrimination?

4. have you ever been the target of prejudice and/or discrimination? if so, please explain the circumstances.

5. do you know people who have been targets of prejudice/ discrimination? if so, please explain the circumstances.

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