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appplication of doom and debauchery


Name: Alex
Age: 14 -- Just barely made the age cut. But I honestly do act older than my age.
Gender: Female
Cheese: Cream
Birthday: May 12

//Things You Like//

10 Movies:
Almost Famous
Dead Poet's Society
Empire Records
The Princess Bride
Hotel Rwanda
Nightmare Before Christmas
Edward Scissorhands
The Breakfast Club
Velvet Goldmine 

9 Singers/Bands:
the Shins
Elliot Smith
Rufus Wainwright
Armor for Sleep
Modest Mouse
Harry and the Potters
the Dresden Dolls
Death Cab for Cutie
and the Rent OBC.

8 Artists of Any Kind:
Conor Oberst
Sam Brown
Anthony Rapp
Watase Yuu
Jonathan Larson
William E. Beckett [from The Academy Is..., poet]

7 Songs:
Goodbye Sky Harbor - Jimmy Eat World
3rd Planet - Modest Mouse
Light My Candle - Adam Pascal & Daphne Rubin-Vega [from Rent]
Cigarettes and Chocolate Milk - Rufus Wainwright
Girl Inform Me - The Shins
Tiny Dancer - Elton John
Bohemian Rhapsody - Queen

6 TV shows:
Law & Order: SVU
The O.C.
Queer as Folk
Saved by the Bell
Family Guy
Fushigi Yuugi [okay, so it's only a TV show in Japan, but...]

5 Books:
Running With Scissors by Augusten Burroughs
Me Talk Pretty One Day by David Sedaris
Timeline by Michael Crichton
Revolution on Canvas by various
Dry by Augusten Burroughs

4 Board Games:
The Barbie Game [the old-school one]
and the classic Monopoly

3 Words:

2 Types of Birds:

1 Color:

George W. Bush:
I do not see Bush as fit to be President of the United States. I also disgaree with almost all of his [and his parties] policies. While I do not particularly like John Kerry either, I would feel much less fearful towards the next four years if Bush were not in office.

Gay Marriage/Homosexuality:
Seeing as I am heteroflexible myself, I would be quite hypocritical to have anything but full support for homosexual marriage. But even if I were entirely heterosexual, I still cannot believe that people would complain about two people who love each other getting married. Britney Spears' 44-hour marriage to her random highschool friend ruined, for me, the concept of marriage much more than if two men or two women who loved each other were getting married the very next day. I think the main problem is that conservatives are unable to seperate marriage as a religious commitment [which is harder for me to believe due to the ridiculous divorce rate] and marriage's legal side.

I personally would never have an abortion were I to get pregnant, even if it were at an inopportune time or under difficult circumstances such as rape. However, I would not want anyone to tell me what to do with my body and consequently believe freely in pro-choice ideas on abortion. Also, aren't the radical conservatives who blow up abortion clinics killing the children along with the doctors and mothers? I can't help but wonder about that.

Less than 1/2 of my friends have never tried to kill themselves. Many of my friends have attempted suicide more than once, and contemplated it an unmentionable number of times. And the fact of the matter is, I love these people with every fiber of my soul. Some of them tried to kill themselves before I ever met them, and it scares me to think that I could have never met them. I think suicide is not only a rash decision, but completely and utterly selfish.

Love At First Sight:
Love is so much more complicated than love at first sight, and yet... When you first meet someone, occasionally there is a spark that, while it may not say "THIS IS THE PERSON YOU SHOULD MARRY" does indicate that you will get along just fine [either romantically or platonically].

Death Penalty:
I am very vehementally against the death penalty. This is one of those topics that everyone I know has learned not to mention around me. I did a debate last year based on this topic which outlines [with statistics] all of the reasons I am very much anti-death penalty. Thus, I will simply link to that instead of writing a manifesto to answer just this question.

I think that it's really depends on quite a few things, but I know that were I to be barely hanging on to life someday and in great pain with no real chance of recovery, I wouldn't want to stay that way.

I have no qualms with organized religion. I, myself, am a Reform Jew solely because those beliefs best fit my own belief system, which is very internal & individual. People can believe whatever it is they want to believe because I have no more chance at being right than they do. I will never force my religion on someone else. All I can ask is that they pay me the same courtesy.

//What the Rads Want to Know//

How would you define "rad"?
So amazing that even the words "cool" and "bodacious" can't explain it. So the word rad must be used to prove the intense awesomeness of the noun. [Sorry, I've been trying to work the word bodacious into speech lately... long story.]

What's one thing that you've learned about life?
It goes on so you just have to deal with it.

What was your favorite childhood toy?
I was completely obsessed with paper dolls.

What's something we should know about you?
I'm a really big nerd who loves musicals and is trying her hardest to achieve fluency in French [I've been in French classes at school since 2nd grade and I go to a French immersion camp up north every summer for the past four summers].

What's your favorite form of government? Why?
A democracy, but only when it maintains a fair and equal balance between parties. Or a dictatorship, if I were the dictator. Because I could lower the price of postage. [I actually spent thirty minutes working through this theory on why I should be dictator. That's what I came up with.]

When you were little, what did you want to be when you grew up?
An artist, an actress, a singer, a chef, and a writer. Now I still want to be a writer, but also a directed.

What's the deal with airline food?
It's amazingly good if you're flying business class internationally.

Who is your favorite fictional character from a book/movie/play?
Angel from Rent, by far. She is an absolute goddess, and such an inspiration for living life to it's fullest even when it's horrible.

How long does it take you to get ready in the morning?
About fifteen minutes. No one cares what they look like at a private all girls school with about 1000 people from Pre-K to 12th. There's really no one to impress.

If you could have any superpower, what would it be?
I would really love to be able to fly. I've always wanted that since I was really little and I've never escaped the desire.

Do you paint your toenails?
Rarely. But I did get them done Saturday because my mom got me an appointment before my school's Winter Formal.

Can you smell your own body odor, especially when it gets bad?
I don't let it get bad, so no. But I actually have a pretty pathetic sense of smell, so who knows...

Based on your opinion... what is the best meal of the day? (not counting snack!)
Dinner because my mom cooks and it is always filling, healthy, and tasty.

What will you bring to the community? (besides large infections and contagious diseases)
Fun & eccentricity. And quite a bit of grammar whore-ishness.

//Is/are _____ Rad//

Dave Matthews: He is the definition of rad. xD
Unicorns: Scratch above statement, unicorns are the definiton of rad.
Toasters: Yes, only because they are shiny.
Moose: Since the word moose somehow always makes me laugh: yes.
Cheese: Umyeah. ["I have come to take over your universe, your mother, your father, your money, and your lifetime supply of CHEESE."
Musicals: MUSICALS ARE GOD. And God is rad. So... substitution propery of equality anyone?
Zucchini: I once ate a zucchini straight out of my neighbor's yard. He was such a sweet little man. So, yeah, they're rad.
Lucky Charms: Um, no. I hate them. [I'm probably going to be skewered for that].
Disney: Disney is rad.
Ducks: Are unrad. Sorry, mallards.
Harry Potter: Is overrated, but the fandom is rad as hell.
Paint: Is quite rad.
Pens: Especially the $.15 Bic pens.
Flamingos: If they're lawn flamingos.
Llamas: will always be rad.
Cheese Puffs: gross me out, so no.
Jim Carrey: see the cheese puffs answer.
Shiny Things: are as rad as unicorns.
Things That Fly: well, duh.

//Opinions On Yourself//
[Are you...]
Yes. I think so anyway.
Loving? I should hope.
Intelligent? Yes. [I know, I know, that's conceited.]
Honest? To a fault.
Witty? I try to be.
Talented? Not particularly.
Crazy? More than you can imagine.
Unique? I hope so.
Quiet? Never.
Loud? Amazingly so.
Mature? When I want to be.

//Advertise and give the link. MANDATORY//

//Attempt to post at least one picture of yourself.//
 This is from October at a fencing tournament. This just goes to show how I look after spending the entire night watching Troy with my team in the guys' room and not even having a hairdryer and attempting to imitate the silly LJ emo angle for my entertainment.

 This is yet another demonstration of my intense mocking of the emo LJ angle. This was taken in August after I got my haircut. Umyeah.

 And this is my friend Tony & I at my Winter Formal last Saturday night.
//Show us a picture of something you love.//


This is a picture of Ben Jorgensen from Armor for Sleep performing at the Door. It shows my love of Armor for Sleep, the Door, and concerts in general.

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