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My lit-o application


Name: Emily (You can call me Emma if you so desire)
Age: 15
Gender: Female
Cheese: Cream
Birthday: June 16, 1989

//Things You Like//
10 Movies: Benny and Joon (hence the avatar)
9 Singers/Bands: Taking Back Sunday, Brand New, The Movielife, Thursday, Billy Talent, Thrice, Jimmy Eat World and much much more.
8 Artists of Any Kind: er...
7 Songs: "See You In The Shallows" by Thrice
6 TV show: Super Nanny
5 Books: Go Ask Alice by Anonymous
4 Board Games: Monopoly
3 Words: Rad (that's how this community attracted me), snazzy, super, and more.
2 Types of Birds: Robins
1 Color: Hot Pink

George W. Bush: It's nuetral, I agree and disagree with him.
Gay Marriage/Homosexuality: I'm for. Equality first, right?
Abortion: I'm against unless the female was raped, then maybe.
Suicide: People do it, but it's a shame the people that do care can't get to them before.
Love At First Sight: I don't usually talk about love.
Death Penalty: Well, I don't get it honestly. They put you on death row but you end up dying in your cell anyway.
Euthanasia: err....
Religion: I"m a Christian, but I do not choose my friends according to their religion.
//What the Rads Want to Know//
How would you define "rad"? Well I looked it in several different dictionaries, since I'm obsessed with the bloody word, but I guess it would mean excellent... it's short for radical.
What's one thing that you've learned about life? It's hard, lol.
What was your favorite childhood toy? My barbies, I suppose.
What's something we should know about you? I have depression, and I get all down and everything but usually I'm spontaneous and random.
What's your favorite form of government? Why? I know you don't want any, "I don't know" but I don't know, I've never really thought about it.
When you were little, what did you want to be when you grew up? A nurse.
What's the deal with airline food? Heck if I know, I've never been on an airplane.
Who is your favorite fictional character from a book/movie/play? Either Sam from Benny and Joon... or Jack from Pirates of the Caribbean (it's funny they were both played by Johnny Depp)
How long does it take you to get ready in the morning? 30 minutes.
If you could have any supperpower, what would it be? Invisibility or reading people's minds.
Do you paint your toenails? Only in the late spring and summer.
Can you smell your own body odor, especially when it gets bad? Yes, that's how I know to put on deodrant so I don't have to smell it.
Based on your opinion... what is the best meal of the day? (not counting snack!) Dinner.
What will you bring to the community? (besides large infections and contagious diseases) Oh shit, now I must leave. Just kidding, I guess I'd bring my opinions and randomness.

//Is/are _____ Rad//
Dave Matthews: He's alright.
Unicorns: Yes
Toasters: Yes
Moose: No.
Cheese: Yes!
Musicals: Yes (I'm a sad child, I love musicals)
Zucchini: Yes (mmm)
Lucky Charms: Yes (Although I'm not a big fan of cereal)
Disney: Yes (I still watch Cinderella and such)
Ducks: Yes
Harry Potter: Yes
Paint: Yes
Pens: Yes (not cheap ones, they give me a headache)
Flamingos: Yes (blue ones of course XD)
Llamas: Yes (one bit me once)
Cheese Puffs: Yes (HECK YES!)
Jim Carrey: Yes (he's hilarious)
Shiny Things: Yes (although they are quite distracting)
Things That Fly: Only the one's that don't poop excessively.

[Are you...]
Funny? To some people
Loving? Always, unless of couse I don't like the person
Intelligent? When I want to be.
Honest? No, I'm a pathological liar. Just kidding, I only lye when I must.
Witty? No.
Talented? At some things.
Crazy? You have no idea.
Unique? Yes.
Quiet? When I just meet someone, I'm shy, then when you get to know me, I'm crazy.
Loud? When I'm around my friends.
Mature? Of course.

My last words are if the lj-cut doesn't work I really am sorry.

//Advertise and give the link. MANDATORY// Will do.

//Attempt to post at least one picture of yourself.// Will try.

//Show us a picture of something you love.// Will do.

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