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About You ?
Name: Amy
Location: cincinnati
Gender: female
Grade (if in school): first year of college
Status (Single, dating, etc.): single
Pick 5 words to describe yourself: nerd, crazy, superfly, hilarious!, interesting
Hobbies: playing my trombone, listening to music, creating music, doing calculus homework, wandering, being up all night, being random,  driving with all the windows down, going to really nice hotels at like 3 in the morning and just ride the elevators until i get kicked out, hang out with bikers
A childhood memory:  my first concert.  i was like 9 or 10.  it was a doo wop concert.  my dad took me.  we were out until like 3 in the morning.  it was so much fun.
Your life's ambition: to adopt children with disabilities
Something you like about yourself: my love
Something we should know about you: IM RARE!! im left handed!  13% of the population is lefthanded.  im so rare.
? Favorites ?
Movie: aladdin... just kidding, Chasing Amy
Singer/Band: Ben kweller or Cat Stevens/ radish, glenn miller orch.
Color: brown
Actor: nicolas cage
Actress: angelina jolie
Store: Ace hardware
Musical: guys and dolls
Song: "love you madly" - duke ellington
Quote: "its been salted upon" -paulos
TV show: degrassi, documentaries
Music: Classic Rock/country/polka/doo wop/hip hop/Indie/Folk/Jazz
Book: i dont really read too much, only when i absolutely have to. i'll have to go with the last one i read, "one fish, two fish, red fish, blue fish" (im not LD, i read that to a kid)
Board Game: chess
Cartoon Character: tough... Ren
Word: infrapopliteal
? Opinions ?
Eating Disorders: my sister had one.  it was terrible watching her do that to herself.  i dont support it but there isnt much you can do.  sure it kills the person but its there choice.  i mean you cant really be for or against a disorder.  its a disease a person has.  i mean people can encourage the disease or not.  i really cant say either way.
George Bush: he is amusing.  too bad its at the expense of my money, my life, my friends' lives and other countries.  hes just not a bright man.  its a shame.  but its not really him im mad at.  its all the IGNORANT AND STUPID that voted for him once and then again four years later. 
Gay Marriage/Homosexuality:  i am all for it.  people should be allowed to be who they are and not have to worry about being discriminated upon because of it.  if someone has the strength enough to find themselves, it should be respected and supported.
Abortion: pro-choice. abortion saves lives, money, dignity in some cases.  i mean there are enough children living in unhealthy conditions and in orphanages  if a mother doesnt want to have the child, she should have to.  like if there were no abortion, women would STILL find a way, a more dangerous way.  they would be getting abortions that are unregulated and they are more likely to die from it.  also, if there were no legal abortions, children in foster care etc will rise, therefore, taxes are higher, therefore, i am poorer.  plus there are always the extreme cases of rape pregnancies or etopic pregnancies or any other type of problem where the mother's life is in danger.  i mean in the end, who is more important?  to you pro-life people "the fetal girl seems to be much more important than the baby girl that born."  what im saying is you are so quick to say its wrong to kill any fetus when we have children who are alive right now who need help.  why dont you focus on that?  why dont you help those kids that dont have anything to eat or wear or cant go to school?  fix what we have right now before you try and "save" people who dont even exist.
Drugs: all for it.  its an experience that isnt for everyone but no one has the right to restrict someone from using just because its not their thing.  
Suicide:  selfish.  but i mean if someones life is so bad that they feel that suicide is the only way to make it better, then its there choice.  sure its sad and terrible but so is war.
Labels: it happens.  its human nature to categorize things. its also easier to just go on and label someone than to actually get to know them.  people are lazy most of the time.  its quite sad. 
Rating Communities:depends on the kind.
Premarital Sex: if they participants are willing and ready, its cool.
Love At First Sight: never really experienced it.  it looks real in the movies.  and my grandpa is always like "ive loved your grandmother ever since the first time i saw her."  its more you feel this sudden connection with someone, like they get you more than anyone else in the world.  "love at first sight" is a saying.  its not MEANT to be taken like the way most people take it i think. 
The word "retarded" or the phrase "that's retarded": i dont use it ever or know anyone who uses it.  i sometimes use it to describe myself when ive done something without thinking.  if someone is going to call a mentally challenged person "retarded", their ignorance will get the best of them someday. 
Your biggest role model and why: my priest.  he is 28 and is one of the best people i have ever met.  he is so caring and so open and so understanding.  i want to be like him, helping people and listening to their needs.  i mean REALLY help someone.  plus he was there for me during this really hard time in my short life. 

? Randomosities and Such ?
How'd you find out about The Rad Club? boredom
If you could have a chat with anyone you wanted, dead or alive, who would it be and why? eddie my best friend.   he is schizoid.  basically he is crazy.  he prefers to be by himself and he goes into these phases where i dont talk to him for like 3 weeks at a time.  i love him dearly and its the same for him i know.  tear.
What song do you feel relates to your life and why? "My Favourite Chords" by THE WEAKERTHANS.  its a simple song.  it makes me happy and reminds me of simple times i have had.
How would you define "rad"? rad is different from cool.  cool is more trendy, people change themselves to fit in.  people who are RAD are people who are themselves and confident in it.  rad is another and better option.  shit i was going to say something else but i totally forgot.  whatever feel the wrath of the super rad.
Why do you think you're rad? uhh i dont know.  self analysis is hard.
What's one thing that you've learned about life? its fun
What do you think is your most attractive characteristic? my intelligence
Name one thing what never fails to make you smile: seeing other people happy and knowing i caused it.
What was your favorite childhood toy? bike
Do you have a job? yep. If so, what? health care market researcher. Do you like it?  it definitely doesnt pay the bills
What are 5 things you can't live without? (in order of importance)
4) people i love
5)sunscreen, im very fair skinned
If you were in a movie, which movie would it be?
? Is/are _____ Rad? (put yes or no)?
Dave Matthews:no
Unicorns: yes
Toasters: yes
Moose: totally yes
Cheese: cream
Musicals: yes
George W. Bush: no
Zucchini: yes (hello it has a Z two C's and U)
Lucky Charms:no
Kix: no
Cartoons: yes
Disney: yes
Ducks: yes
Harry Potter: YES
Paint: depends on the color
Pens: depends on many factors.
Flamingos: yes
Llamas: yes
Cheese Puffs: CREAM PUFF (good one)
Pictures: yes
Johnny Depp:yes
Angelina Jolie: yes,
Jim Carrey: yes as a person, not a big fan of most of his movies.
SpongeBob:in VERY small doses YES
Shiny Things: YES
Things That Fly: YES
? Are You... (tell the truth and no "i don't know"s) ?
Funny? yes
Loving? very.
Intelligent? above average
Honest? i cant lie.  i am terrible at it.
Witty? yeah
Talented? at some things.  like holding my arm up for long periods of time.
Crazy? yes
Wild? yes when im not tired
A Follower? depends.  does the person im following have a nice ass?  just kidding.  no.
Unique? yep
Quiet? yep
Loud? yep.
Mature? depends on the company and my attitude.
//Advertise and give the link. MANDATORY//
//Attempt to post at least one picture of yourself.//
//Show us a picture of something you love.//
i love this baby
and then here is some sisterly love.
i also love NINJAS

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