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Community closed due to lack of interest.

This is
The Rad Club

The Importance of Explanation
Promotional Banners

  • Don't apply if you can't handle rejection.
  • If you do not post an application within a week of joining, you WILL be banned from the community.
  • Use an LJ-cut when posting applications. If not, you'll be banned.
  • You must attempt to post at least one picture of yourself.
  • You must not tYp3 LyK3 d1S a.k.a. as if you're on crack. I don't care if you actually ARE on crack... just don't show it through your typing.
  • Do NOT disrespect the rads. After all, we're the ones that decide if you get accepted. If you do, you WILL be banned.
  • NO commenting on anything other than your own application until you are declared rad. You will be banned if you do.
  • You will find out if you're rad within 24 hours. These votes will then be interpretated by me (cleosays__hi) and I will present you with a stamp which you may put in your LiveJournal info or whatever.
  • If you don't get in the first time you apply, remove yourself and leave quietly or be banned.
  • Where it says cheese on the application the first time, put cream so we know you've read the rules. (ex. Cheese: cream) There is NO other place that you should be putting "cream" unless it has something to do with your radness. It's gotten old and idiotic.
  • Don't fret about getting a lot of people saying no. Remember that if the mods like you, you'll probably get in.
  • The phrase "sway me" is GOOD. It means that the person saying it is giving you another chance. If you fail to answer the sway me, the interperating moderator will take it as a no.
  • Age limit. No one under 14 unless given special permission by a moderator.
  • Absolutely no posting, other than your application, until you're accepted.
  • Absolutely NO editing your application after it has posted unless it's HTML tweaking.
  • If you remove yourself from the community before getting a STAMP, you WILL be banned.

  • Vote as much as possible. If we notice you haven't been very active and haven't notified one of the Mods, then you will be removed from The Rad Club, possibly without warning.
  • When voting on applicants, put yes or no in the subject line.
  • Don't sugar-coat anything, say what you truly feel about the applicants.
  • Respect other the rads. Love/suck up to the moderators. :)
  • When posting, put "Rad" in the subject line.
  • When posting pictures, please put them behind a cut.
  • NO ADVERTISING. The first time, you will get a warning. The second time, you will be removed from the community.
  • You now MUST expand on the comment. We want to know why and it's not fair to the applicants to get a plain "no". First offense, you'll get a warning. Second, you'll get banned.
  • NO VOTING BASED ON YOUR MOOD. Vote based on how rad the applicant is. First offense, you'll get a warning. Second, you'll get banned.
  • If you leave, tell us. Whether it be on vacation or leaving from the entire group, we NEED to know. Failure to tell us will result in banning or not being allowed back in at a later date.

The Moderators - -

Thank you,
Your Beautiful Mods.